Thursday TV: #VampireDiaries + #OMG Moments


Thursday is my busiest night of television.  I DVR 6 hour-long shows, which is ridiculous to try and fit into one night.  I always, ALWAYS watch The Vampire Diaries as soon as it airs, because 1) I love it and 2) There is an OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW moment in every single episode and I don’t want it to be spoiled … meaning I can’t go on any form of social media until I’ve seen it myself.  Then after TVD, I watch Glee … or at least I used to.  Now I have to force myself to and I’m not sure why I bother.  Glee has fallen SO far from it’s original premise that it’s almost unrecognizable.  But anyways, I have only thus far watched TVD and it was an episode full of those OMG moments, and not to mention a steamy scene between Damon and Elena that those ‘shippers of “Delena” have been waiting on for the past 4 seasons.

“Let’s not pretend this isn’t the best day of your life.”– Stefan to Damon, regarding Stefan’s break-up with Elena.

While The Vampire Diaries touts an impressive amount of mystical creatures (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc), the root of the story is about two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, who are both in love with the same girl, the human Elena.  For Elena, all roads have always led to Stefan.  They have basically been together since the pilot, with only a few roadblocks.  But the biggest road block of all is Damon, Stefan’s brother who prides himself on his ability to turn off any human emotion that might impede with his vampire lifestyle.  However, we have seen Damon start to let his human feeling in and love Elena from afar, which included a shocking confession to Elena in season 2 which he then compelled her to forget.

And now after 4 years and a lot of drama, Elena has turned into a vampire – and that change amplified all her human qualities and feelings … including those feelings for Damon she can no longer hide from.  In tonight’s episode, Elena confronts Damon and tells him the reason she and Stefan are through is because of him.  I wish I had a GIF of Ian Somerhalder’s face when he, as Damon, couldn’t help but smile at the news but also was obviously wary of Elena’s sometimes fickle heart.  Elena and Damon then find themselves exchanging longing glances (Dawson’s Creek style) during the Miss Mystic Fall pageant, which called back the season 1 episode where Damon escorted Elena to her pageant while Stefan was off having what I’m sure was an existential crisis.  Below is the clip from season 1:

But the end of the episode, the TRUE “OMG” moment, was a piece of editing mastery.  Caroline (Elena’s best friend and also a vampire) was trying to console Stefan’s broken heart, while Elena and Damon were finally consummating their relationship.  Caroline realized that Elena wasn’t actually in love with Damon … she was sired to him when it was his blood that turned her into a vampire.  You have the one scene where Caroline is putting the pieces together, and then it jumps to Damon and Elena furiously kissing, and back to Caroline again.  It was well-done, crafty, and I completely didn’t see that plot twist coming.

I forsee Elena and Damon ‘shippers crying foul, that their love is true and not just a sire bond.  I’m definitely interested to see how this plays out … until next week!


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