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Viral Video VJ: 12/5/12 Edition


For some reason, my Facebook newsfeed has been overflowing with viral videos today.  Just in case yours isn’t, here are some of the highlights:


#1 – One Day More … til our Wedding. Remember the JK Wedding Entrance Dance which came out a few years ago?  That was good, but this is better.  Welcome to the Les Mis wedding flash-mob, sung amongst the most talented wedding guests I’VE ever witnessed.  Does this make anyone else even MORE excited for Les Mis movie?  BRB, gonna go watch the trailer for the millionth time.


#2 – A Very Nickelback Ode to Instagram.  From CollegeHumor.com, this parody captures the essence of the Instagram generation.  I would like to state for the record that I have NEVER taken a picture of food and put it on Instagram.  But I have definitely taken picture of city lights (PHILLY!), and I think putting glasses on my cat is a brilliant idea.

I can’t embed the video so here is the link:  Look At This Instagram


#3 – The Happy and the Horror.  Fans of Happy Endings and American Horror Story will appreciate this mash-up.  But if you’ve never seen either, you probably won’t like this video.  Also, if you’ve never see Happy Endings, we have a much bigger problem on our hands.


#4 – All I Want for Christmas is Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots to sing together.  IT LOOKS LIKE MY CHRISTMAS WISH HAS COME TRUE:


#5 – I saved the best for last.  Grease fans, GET EXCITED; below is a music video so absurd, so cheesy, so incredible, that it could only be created by the minds of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  I definitely lied earlier … THIS is all I want (and NEED) for Christmas!


TV Thoughts on 11/27/12


It’s Tuesday!  Meaning it’s my favorite night of television.  In fact, I like so many shows on Tuesday that I can’t even DVR them all.  And not even all of my shows were on tonight!

On a given Tuesday, here is the breakdown of what I watch: The Voice Results Show, Ben and Kate, Emily Owens MD, Happy Endings, Sons of Anarchy.  I now watch The New Normal and New Girl on Hulu – I can wait a day for those two (and New Girl has been noticeably inconsistent this season, I’m a bit ashamed).

And now, show by show, I will collect my TV thoughts:

The Voice Results:  I am going to be SO angry when Cassadee Pope makes it into the top 4.  But I will get over it as long as Nicholas Davis, Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte are in there with her.  The results show is insanely boring and I fast forward everything except the actual results.

Ben and Kate: This show is so adorable – it’s sweet and simple and doesn’t try too hard.  I do wish they’d utilize Maggie Elizabeth Jones (the precocious 6-year-old) a bit more because she’s awesome. And can I please vote Leslie Grossman in as a series regular?  I think her character could be perfect for Ben … just a thought, Mary Cherry FOREVER!

Emily Owens, MD: I am completely enamored with Mamie Gummer.  It may not be the greatest show writing-wise (no quick wit like in Vampire Diaries or in the ghost of Gossip Girls past), but Emily Owens is a character the majority of us can relate to.  In fact, to me she is Lizzie McGuire all grown up – but instead of having an animated inner-self, she has an inner monologue voiceover.  And I KNOW the people related to Lizzie McGuire (when Lizzie got a bra, I got a bra.  It was a deep connection that has never been broken).

No Happy Endings tonight, but it is without a doubt my favorite comedy on television.  And the show deserves MAJOR credit for bringing itself out of obscurity and becoming a recognizable force of comedy.  Also the banter between Damon Wayans Jr and Eliza Coup alone is enough reason to watch/adore this show.

Sons of Anarchy: Wow. Just … wow.  Every damn week it’s wow.  I started watching this show from the beginning a few months before season 4 aired.  I had heard about it but wasn’t sure if I would like it … oh how wrong I was.  Kurt Sutter has created one of the most dynamic serialized shows I have ever seen.  A Hamlet-esque story set in the world of a motorcycle club called Sons of Anarchy or SAMCRO, the show doesn’t shy away from taking a conventional storyline and blowing it up with more twists and turns than even an episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 2 could muster.  This week was the penultimate episode of Season 5 and one test after another was thrown at our hero, Jax, now president of the club since he pushed out Clay, the man who killed his father and married his mother (like I said, Hamlet).  We see Jax, a man who headed up the presidency with promises of bringing SAMCRO back to its glory days before Clay, slowly turning into the former president he despises.  It will all come to a head next week in the season finale, and I for one cannot WAIT.  If you’re reading this and have never seen the show, check it out on Netflix.  One of the best TV decisions I’ve ever made.